1. Third week of inktober. Daily updates on my instagram

  2. Inktober Week 2. 

    Check out my instagram for daily updates! 

  3. jinyjin:

    My #pikachu and @puppyshaker s golden electromagnetic absorption stickers! Need to find our own producers pronto #jimiagency #producttest

    Tiny metal stickers! I made the Mario and Triforce, while Jin made Pikachu. We’ll be getting them next week, so more details then! 

    Hopefully this will be a future JiMi Agency product~

  4. Doing Inktober! It’s challenging, but it’s a nice routine. 

    I made an instagram if you want to see the drawings there! (I’ll be posting here weekly)

  5. Some acrylic work I’m sending to the printers. Testing out a new company. Hoping to introduce this to the Non-Korean market for JiMi Agency.

    Link’s going to be a small charm, while Skull Kid is going to be a large figurine (really excited for this one!)

  6. Opening up commissions! 

    These will be 4x6 traditional drawings, and I’ll ship them to you once they’re done. 

    Ink (Micron pens):

    • $20 for Busts
    • $25 for Chibi
    • $5 for each additional character

    Color (COPIC markers):

    • $25 for Bust
    • $30 for Chibi
    • $5 for each additional character
    1.  USD only
    2. Prices include international shipping 
    3. Must have shipping address
    4. I have the right to refuse any requests

    If you have any questions or want a drawing please contact me at puppyshaker@gmail.com

    Trying out 5 spots for now.

  7. (I really suck with posting art on the correct blog…)

    Busy weekend, but got some art done for bookmarks. Kept them real simple, but it was nice to draw with microns again~


  8. udonbullets said: "Shipping is included" Is that world-wide?

    Yessir! Prices for the sale includes international shipping~

    (Awesome icon btw hahahahaha)

  9. jinyjin:


    We are holding a post convention summer sale for the month of August (2014). There are 3 sets to chose from: and yes! this is your chance to grab our playing card deck before it finally runs out~

    *shipping is included*

    Set 1: Standard Deal $30

    • 1 Animalia deck 
    • 10 buttons (of your choice)
    • 1 charm wipers (of your choice)

    Set 2: Double Deal $58

    Set 3: Deluxe Deal $70

    • 2 Animalia deck
    • 15 buttons
    • 2 artbooks by the artists
    • 2 UV postcard
    • 1 charm wiper

    Please visit Belli-buttons and Puppyshakers Store to see our full inventory. between the 2 of us we got almost 700 different buttons!

    To order, please fill out the ORDER FORM and we will get back to you!

    Our sale is starting! Get some cool stuff for cheap! 

  10. Inventory Post: Part Three

    Featuring Charm Wipers & Artbook The Book of Beasts

    These are for sale at my storEnvy

    (Wiper photo taken by Jinyjin)