1. Still working on the tuck box design…

    It’s probably not going to be blue, but I do like the gradient. As for the sides, maybe I’ll just make it simple and do a vine/flower motif…

    I’m hoping we reach our $5K stretch goal; that’ll give us enough funds to make the box with both UV spot gloss AND gold foil embossing *_*




  2. Aside from the back design, I’m working on the animals too! Here’s Oracle Octopus and Gunner Toucan.

    Octopus is a bit of a eccentric fella, and he’s pals with the Hermit Crab. He’s actually friendly with everyone! His tentacles sometimes act as though they have a mind of their own (grabs shiny things, touches something soft, grabs the nearest fish and tries to feed him, etc.) He can predict the future, but more often that not his prophecies turn out slightly…off.

    Toucan uses pistols given to him by his mother for self-defense.The accuracy’s not that great, but they pack a big punch, and are damn impressive to look at. He’s usually seen at the town’s pub, looking for fights and adventures (although he’s too young to drink!)

    Check out Jinyjin and my’s kickstarter HERE!

  3. animalia-deck:

    Our kickStarter campaign for the Animalia deck is going great! It’s only been a day, and we reached 100%!


    We want to keep this momentum going, so we’re hosting a tumblr giveaway contest! Here are the rules:

    1. Don’t have to follow us, though you can win extra prizes and goodies!
    2. Only reblogs count
    3. Multiple reblogs are ok; limit 1 per day please
    4. We ship internationally!
    5. Contest Ends April 22rd 2014 at 23.59 EST
    6. Winners will be selected using random.org
    7. Ask box MUST be open! 
    8. You have 24 hours to reply with your information; if not, we will select another winner (sorry!) 


    There will be 10 winners.

    • GRAND PRIZE (1): Two Animalia: Tails Imperium decks; ALL extras made for the project; Surprise goodie bag with our other products; Artbooks by Jinyjin and puppyShaker; Quick thank you sketch commission
    • First place (1): Two Animalia: Tails Imperium decks; Choice of 5 extras made for the project; Surprise goodie bag with our other products; Artbooks by  Jinyjin and puppyShaker
    • Second place (1): Two Animalia: Tails Imperium decks; Choice of 3 extras made for the project; Surprise goodie bag with our other products; Artbooks by Jinyjin and puppyShaker
    • Third place (1): Two Animalia: Tails Imperium decks; Choice of 1 extra made for the project; Surprise goodie bag with our other products; Artbooks by  Jinyjin and puppyShaker
    • Honorable mentions (6): One Animalia: Tails Imperium deck

    For more pictures on possible goodie bag product, check out our stores at Belli-buttons and Puppyshaker


    We’re also hosting a faceBook contest. You can enter that one too if you want to increase your chances!

    Thank you for everyone’s support, and please contact us if you have any questions!

    http://kck.st/1eH71Oy (Shortened link to our kickStarter)

    (via jinyjin)

  4. jinyjin:


    Our kickStarter is LIVE! 

    Since The Pokemon Company issued a cease-and-desist on our previous project, jinyjin and puppyshaker have decided to make a new playing card deck, this time themed around animals and job classes!

    Each card will have sparkly coating, and its own animal and job class. Including Jokers, that’s 56 designs!

    Please take a look! Reblogs are much appreciated!

    Its Alive. Please help spread the word :D we promise we won’t get shut down this time by some big man xd

    Jinyjin and I’s kickStarter! Please take a look and check it out. If we get to our goal of $1,650, we’re planning on make a tumblr contest! 

  5. jinyjin:

    Box and suit designs for puppyshaker and my playing card project : Animalia - Tails Imperium

    All drawings here are done by puppy. All i did was took photos and filtered them. Lol such a slacker.

    We plan to use our own service from jimiagency to make this happen.

    It’s fun designing and sketching, but it’s tough to actualize it…

    We’ve submitted our new project, Animalia: Tails Imperium to kickStarter, so hopefully we can launch it soon!

    Drawn with ballpoint, pencil, microns, and COPIC sketch markers

  6. Well, the Pokedek was shut down, so now we’re working on another thing!

    Hoping kickStarter gets back to us soon!

  7. jinyjin:


    Our kickStarter is now live! 

    Project Pokédek

    It’s a custom playing card deck, with 52+ pokemon.

    Check out this blog for updates, sketches, and more!

    this is Miso’s and my Baby we been working our butts off on. Please Help by Spreading the word! <3 <3 <3

    Prepare to get these message for at least 35 days. Apologizes in advance if it spams your dashboard!

    (Source: animalia-deck)

  8. A small preview of either something either incredibly amazing, or crushingly defeating.

  9. Not sure what this is, but it’s a “worker!”

    Drawn with microns on moleskine paper

  10. A quick preview on what I was working on today. I think me and my buddies were at the cafe for 4 hours @_@

    Did this all free hand - no pencils laid down!